Mon, 28 Sep, 2020

Laser tag VS paintball

A fight of the century


This debate lasts for ages. It's time to finalize all the "pro's" and "con's" of each activity and finally choose how to spend the next weekend. Let's see...



One of the most obvious advantages of laser tag is its painlessness. You can't get bruises from a laser, right? Moreover, the laser vest and phaser weigh less compared to paintball equipment. That's one of the reasons why Lasertron is a great place for kids.



Without a doubt, laser tag wins when we are talking about indoor activities. No paint, no problems. By the way, in a dim lit building laser fights look very impressive. On the other hand, paintball is an awesome option for the outdoor spacey locations.



Well, it depends on an experience provider. Both of these games can be played in dozens of ways. At Lasertron we have different game modes that are constantly changing. And if you book a closed-in option, it's up to you to choose the mode you'll be playing.


So, which one would you choose?