Wed, 11 Nov, 2020

Are lasers in lasertag dangerous for the eyes?

Have you ever wondered whether you need eye protection to play lasertag? Well, let’s put this straight:


- Some lasers can be harmful for the eyes.

- Lasertron and most lasertags DO NOT use actual lasers.


Our equipment has LEDs with collimating optics. This put out a straight beam of light and hit light detectors on a vest. The collimated LEDs are not coherent light sources, therefore they cause no harm to the eyes. 


As for the actual lasers, there are different classes of them. If you are going to be exposed to laser light, the lower the number of the class is the better. A significant amount of laser classification has to do with whether a normal blink reflex will happen before the laser exposure would damage an eye. So be careful with laser toys and equipment.


Play safe at Lasertron!