Thu, 05 Nov, 2020

How to win a lasertag game?

We all know that you don’t have to win to enjoy your lasertag game. But getting over another team might be so satisfying. Here are some tips that will help you to win almost any laser fight.




Take a look at the surroundings first and find spots that offer good vantage points and cover. It's important to be on the move and never stand in one place for too long. Keep an eye on spots for hiding, however, don’t be too much of a camper.


Defensive techniques


If someone is taking aim at you and there's no place to hide try turning sideways. The chances of hitting your sensors will be lower as you are not facing them full on. Also, consider wearing dark-colored clothes. Light colors will turn you into an easy target in a semi-dark lasertag arena.


Remember, winning tons of points is not all that really matters! Experience the thrills of going after a worthy opponent or even an annoying colleague. Have fun!