Sat, 05 Sep, 2020

Your corporate party at Lasertron

There is no better team-building activity than a good old laser fight! Here are a few reasons why it’s so beneficial for your team.


Bonding battlefield


Nothing brings employees together like teaming up against their coworkers! Trust and communication in the boardroom is a breeze when they’ve fought together on the field.


Tactical advantages


The more teammates know about each other, the better strategy they can build. Laser tag is a great opportunity for employees to think on their feet.


Stress release


Laser tag provides a healthy and fun atmosphere for your employees to engage in a group activity that is collaborative, competitive and fun. It can help break down barriers among staff and encourage playful bonding.


Lasertron can arrange a corporate event that your employees will remember!


- up to 30 employees at once

- closed game without strangers

- your own playlist

- any game mode you wish


Learn more by giving us a call or leave your request in a form on the main page.